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Global Entertainment, Independent Roots

Originating as a music promotion company in 1980, Jeff Parry Promotions was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by Jeff Parry, a man with a vision and goal to make it in the entertainment industry no matter the cost. Adapting to the needs of fans and customers, the business quickly became a multi-service company operating as a booking agency, management company, and record label.

As a promotion company, Jeff Parry Promotions (JPP) had the opportunity

to work with some of the best in Canadian music. From the Barenaked Ladies and Great Big Sea to The Rankin Family, Rita MacNeil and André-Philippe Gagnon, to name a few. JPP's international client list includes Whitney Houston, Don Henley Snoop Dogg, Tina Turner, David Copperfield, and top musical acts such as Grease, Rent & Lord Of The Dance.
Continuously looking for new ways to evolve the business, Jeff Parry Promotions expanded into entertainment production with its latest arm, Annerin Productions. To create extraordinary and nostalgic entertainment, the company aimed high and built Juke Box Musicals with the catalogues of The Beatles (Let It Be), Foreigner (Juke Box Hero), Pink Floyd (Pink Floyd Experience), Led Zeppelin (Jason Bonham), The Bee Gees, Queen (We Will Rock You) and Abba (Bjorn Again). Through these productions, the company has sold over 20 million tickets and toured in 30 countries– building business relationships and memorable moments for audiences worldwide.
Annerin Productions' newest venture into the immersive world brings 360-degree experiences to global audiences. With shows like Beyond Van Gogh, Annerin transports people to another time and place through cutting-edge projection technology, original scores and over 300 pieces of Van Gogh's artwork displayed across 30,000 square feet. To date, Beyond Van Gogh has garnered over $350 million in ticket sales and toured ten countries. 

With over 40 years in the industry, Annerin Productions recognises the demand for elevated entertainment and immersive experiences, and we're well-positioned to deliver them. We constantly explore new entertainment avenues and push the boundaries of what's possible. Today, with offices in Canada, The United States and London, Jeff Parry Promotions and Annerin Productions have expanded but remain true to their core aim: to provide global audiences with extraordinary entertainment.

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