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Community Minded

We take community impact just as seriously as putting on a spectacular show. It's not just about the spectacle; it's about contributing meaningfully to the communities that make our shows possible. From disaster relief efforts to providing ongoing support to youth in our communities, Annerin is committed to leaving a lasting positive impact on the world. Browse some of our favourite initiatives below.


At the Calgary Flames Alumni Golf Tournament, Jeff learned about CP KIDS, an initiative that supplies adaptive bikes to children facing physical challenges like cerebral palsy. The tournament's funds are specifically channeled towards gifting these unique bikes to numerous families. Having raised two healthy girls who, fortunately, embraced an active lifestyle, Jeff now understands the profound joy experienced by families witnessing their children ride a bike, an ability they might not otherwise have. This personal connection motivates Jeff to support this cause and share in the happiness it brings to families facing unique challenges

CP Kids & Family .jpeg

Columbia Valley Rockies 

The Columbia Valley (Invermere/Windermere) has a special place in Jeff's heart.  Being passionate about hockey and still actively playing, Jeff is compelled to give back to the community, particularly the local Jr Hockey Team.  Jeff's involvement in community outreach programs aims to ensure that every local child, regardless of family income or disabilities, has the opportunity to experience the joy of playing hockey. Supporting this cause is our way of nurturing a sense of inclusivity and community within the Columbia Valley, making it not just a destination but a place where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Columbia Valley Rockies.png


As an Alberta-based company, Annerin joined forces with local producers and companies during the summer of 2013 floods to organize a relief concert. This collaborative effort resulted in the sale of 30,000 tickets, raising $2 million and delivering an unforgettable night of music. Annerin's commitment to responding to crises is exemplified through the transformative power of live music, providing meaningful support and solidarity during challenging times.

Link to media here 

Flood Aid.png

Heros Hockey

Jeff was introduced to the initiative and was immediately drawn to the mission: Provide equipment and ice time to underprivileged kids. Over time, it evolved into the Superheros program, opening the doors for children with cognitive and physical disabilities to experience the joy of playing hockey. The Flames Alumni have become crucial partners in furthering this program's impact. Our business proudly supports this cause as it aligns with our values of inclusivity, providing opportunities for all children to enjoy the transformative power of hockey, regardless of their background or abilities.

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